Ten cornerstones of life 人生的10条锦囊

#1: Comfort is damaging to growth and self-improvement. Do you qualify for retirement? Are you a worldly academic? If not, then your priorities should be focused on self-improvement and personal growth. If you’re comfortable doing the same shit on a day to day basis, there’s a high likelihood that you’re not pressing towards your maximum capabilities. One of my favorite quotes: “There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.” – Unknown Peace of mind and stability are the only reasons you are sold on a world of comfort. Comfort destroys your motivation to take risks and encourages you to walk down a sad road towards stagnation. If you’re not ready to die, don’t be a pussy- choose growth! #2: Embrace the things that go wrong, it will serve as a future aid. What stirs up reflection and examination of self? When everything in life goes right certainly isn’t the answer. You have no idea what you are capable of achieving until you voluntarily put yourself in danger, where you either sink or swim. Under these circumstances, you will find solutions. You will do things that you’ve never done before. It’s a great feeling, and most importantly, this is the only time that you will grow.
#1:舒适有害成长健康 你的资历足够退休吗?你的学识足够渊博吗?如果没有,那你就应该把重心放在自我提高和个人成长上。如果你每天都在做着重复的轻松的事情,那么很可能你并没有使出自己最大的能耐。 我最喜欢的一句话之一是:“There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.(生于忧患 死于安乐)” 心灵的平静和舒适会让你沦陷到温柔乡里无法自拔,扼杀你冒险的勇气和动机。如果你不打算保持这样直到死去,那就别做个孬种——逼迫自己成长吧! #2:他说风雨中这点痛算什么 什么东西激发了人们对自我的反思和审视呢,当然不是那些正确的、理所应当的事情。只有在你愿意把自己置于危险之中的时候,才会看到自己的真正实力。要么乘风破浪,要么沉入海底! 在这种情况下,你会找到解决办法的。你可能会做出一些从前根本不敢想象的事,这是一种很棒的感觉,最重要的是只有在这时候你才真正成长起来了。

Freedom and my backpack: episode 1 背包与自由2/2

Writer: Samantha S

作者:Samantha S.(日记)

I didn’t know where I was. The bus stop had led me to the edge of the earth, or what felt something like it. It was frozen, maybe -25, but this frigid air didn’t take away from how beautiful the world looked from the horizons border. Winters breath carefully frosted over the boardwalk and the many rocks outlining the waters perimeter. Lights followed the timbered pathway, mimicking low hanging stars that forgot to shine.


Freedom and my backpack 背包与自由1/2

The past couple years of my life have taken me down some interesting avenues all due to my pursuit of freedom. What I’m about to unleash on you may not be conclusive for everyone, but this is based on my experience. This is what freedom means to me.


The letter she wrote: part 3 from “I hate to hate you.” 她写的信:我讨厌去恨你3/3

Writer: Samantha S.

作者:Samantha S

But, fear cannot be divided – there is only one kind that genuinely exists, and it dare not move away from its own patterns of thinking. Until we free ourselves from FEAR itself, we will continue to live in the darkness. Not just in love but in all aspects of life. Where there is any cause of fear – there is an ending. And as long as we run from it, we increase it.

Initially, I was going to write about the following:
What I want for you
Where to go from here
Why I was so upset with you

But I felt I would take a different approach.




The letter she wrote: part 2 from “I hate to hate you.” 她写的信:我讨厌去恨你2/3

Writer: Samantha S.

作者:Samantha S


Last night in the quiet hour of 12 am I began thinking about the last few months with you. I was caught, frozen in one specific instance that I couldn’t seem to shake. You see it was eight long years we waited. Time stretched so far it began to grow with us. As if we both were trees in a forest, growing roots and extending them through the hard clay soil. Our roots continued growing on opposite sides of this forest floor, hoping one day to meet ends and become entangled in each other finally. For years we would stand still, rooted in the ground, allowing the seasons to take over us. We began in spring, as we grew emerald leaves that developed into a thick, rich canopy. Our roots began to grow closer, summertime came around, and the small delicate leaves morphed into solid angle pointed pieces. When the wind blew, the leaves started to shake back and forth, and we would wave at each other. Sometimes, the sun would shine so brightly that when each little hand waved at me, I could see the life within. After a while, our colors began to brighten as we shivered together at the first breath of fall. Each day we would dress up for each other. You in ruby red and shades of brilliant yellow – and me, glowing oranges and pale pinks.



The letter she wrote: part 1 from “I hate to hate you.” 她写的信:我讨厌去恨你1/3

Writer: Samantha S.

作者:Samantha S

When you would lay in the halls with Nadia. When we tried to sneak you into shave for cancer. When you put your skateboard away in your locker. Math class… When I was sick, Melissa called me, and you were near the payphone, but we were both too shy to speak to one another. When you were going to fight someone – and the times I’d hear about it from others. Seeing you at the smokers pit – any excuse to hang out with you.


I hate to hate you:3 of 3 我讨厌去恨你3/3

She pushed me onto the bed and took a deep drag of her smoke as we locked eyes. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi. She didn’t blink, nor did I…

Me: “A stare off, huh? Ok, it’s on like donkey kong bitch! You’re not winning this time.
Navita: “You want to bet?”
Me: “Let’s go.”
I silently stared into her bright drunk eyes as she leaned in and slowly started to unbuckle my belt with a smug look on her face.
Me: “V! Can you throw that cigarette out before it burns a hole in my bed!” *BLINK* *BLINK*
(Regaining composure and hoping that she’s too drunk to have caught my mistake)



I hate to hate you:2 of 3 我讨厌去恨你2/3

I lay there shirtless and drunk. The only source of light in my room was coming from the full moon outside of my window. It illuminated my shadow. While I stared at the letter sitting on my night table, I could sense an uneasiness in my demeanor. As I started to close my eyes, Navita came stomping up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom.


I hate to hate you:1 of 3 – 我讨厌去恨你1/3


The truth is:
This journey hasn’t been easy.
Heavy emotions are on the horizon.
I recognize that these emotions are only temporary.
Everything is temporary.

You’ve been on my mind.
I’ve realized that I hate you.
And I hate that I hate you.