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Let “the powers that be” fight for us!


To find out who are the “powers that be,” you only have to figure out who you’re not allowed to criticize.

I think I’ve figured it out… Here’s my outlook.

Let those in the west who are in power fight the wars. The homosexuals, the rainbow genders, the feminists, the unappreciative migrants and the…


The Asshole Method: money management


Asshole’s see things for what they are and the fact of the matter is that most of you suck at managing your money. Here’s why:

You’ve been desensitized to the value of money. When you look at a price tag you just see a number instead of the hours of work required to obtain that object on the shelf.

You’re overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to track such as bills, emergencies, day-day purchases and treating yourself all while maintaining a balanced budget.

I know that you know someone with similar circumstances as you and their life is overwhelmed by massive credit card debt. The reason why comes down to a stupid belief system which some of you may be trapped in.

Stupid belief #1: “Who cares about credit card debt. I live for today and these things make me happy!”

Garbage manufactured in China or Bangladesh or wherever will not provide you with any fulfillment. Asshole’s know that the only way to elevate the amount of happiness in life is to tweak your personal and world views.

Stupid belief #2: “It doesn’t matter if I splurge on things that I don’t have money for right now because I’ll be living good eventually.”

Asshole’s know that there’s a higher likelihood that you won’t be living good eventually and that you’ll be unemployed. But let’s assume that you are living good one year from now. This stupid belief guarantees that you’ll continuously increase your spending and remain in debt for a long time to come. Asshole’s don’t spend money that they don’t have.

Stupid belief #3: “I want everyone to recognize how accomplished I am.”

Asshole’s aren’t insecure. Unfortunately you may be. Luckily I’m here to help you scrap this belief so that you don’t spend the rest of your life trying to keep up with others while sinking into more debt. Asshole’s have come to accept that there will always be someone who has more.

The Asshole method will make staying on top of your money very easy as you’ll start to do the right things without questioning yourself. I’m not a finance literature buff, but I’m capable of saving a sizable portion of my small income as I’ve adopted a strong belief system.

If you have $60 in your wallet, two days later you’ll wonder where it went. If you purchase a big bottle of cologne, you’ll use more of it than if you had bought a smaller bottle. The same applies to a bottle of liquor, cigarettes, pot and so on. This is the belief that demand increases to fill supply. If your brain is aware that something is there, I can promise you that it will find a way to consume it.

As an Ex-Costco employee, I can tell you in confidence that this company and similar ones will exist for a long time to come as people really believe they’re saving money when they buy in bulk. A lot of these people just see the cost-per-unit price and then toss a massive jar of nutella into their cart. As we’ve covered earlier they will now use a lot more nutella because their brain knows that there’s alot of it. There’s no need to buy more than a week’s worth of food unless a hurricane is coming. Last time I checked there’s no sign of a natural disaster on the horizon…


10 corner stones of life


#1: Comfort is damaging to growth and self-improvement.
Do you qualify for retirement? Are you a worldly academic? If not, then your priorities should be focused on self-improvement and personal growth. If you’re comfortable doing the same shit on a day to day basis, there’s a high likelihood that you’re not pressing towards your maximum capabilities.
One of my favorite quotes: “There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.” – Unknown
Peace of mind and stability are the only reasons you are sold on a world of comfort. Comfort destroys your motivation to take risks and encourages you to walk down a sad road towards stagnation. If you’re not ready to die, don’t be a pussy- choose growth!
#2: Embrace the things that goes wrong, it will serve as a future aid.
What stirs up reflection and examination of self? When everything in life goes right certainly isn’t the answer. You have no idea what you are capable of achieving until you voluntarily put yourself in danger and sink or swim situations.
Under these circumstances you will find solutions. You will do things that you’ve never done before. It’s a great feeling and most importantly this is the only time that you will grow.
#3: Take a stand for yourself.
The attitude that you should develop is like this- anyone who thinks they can push me around can watch my dick swing between my legs as my hairy ass exits the building.
Remember: No one in this world is as important as you are.
Be aggressive and end relationships with people who put you down and make you feel like you’re worthless.
#4: Move on.
You’ve waited too long if your friendships, job and hobbies have started to become stale.
You can identify “staleness” if the energy that you exert is less than what you gain in return
#5: Respect your health.
Health is the foundation of my fulfillment pyramid. EAT AND EXERCISE ON A REGULAR BASIS! It doesn’t get any simpler than that…

Freedom and my backpack: episode 1


Writer: Samantha
I didn’t know where I was. The bus stop had led me to the edge of the earth, or what felt something like it. It was frozen, maybe -25, but this frigid air didn’t take away from how beautiful the world looked from the horizons border. Winters breath carefully frosted over the boardwalk and the many rocks outlining the waters perimeter. Lights followed the timbered pathway, mimicking low hanging stars that forgot to shine. Effortlessly, white snowflake doves danced in the light, gracefully resting on the fluffy alabaster bedding below. Our footsteps painted the untouched canvas pathway that stretched out as far as the waters edge. Lightly, each step brushed gentle strokes across the newly fallen surface. Each stride required a trudging effort to maintain a constant time signature within each step, creating longer and more defined roaming patterns. In the distance two trees had stolen my attention. Outlined in a tangled web of colorful lights, I was looking through a kaleidoscope. We walked onto the cold glacial mount of snow, slowly the wind cut our faces. We passed by the collapsed fence that attempted to contain the amount of delicacy behind it…

Freedom and my backpack


The past couple years of my life have taken me down some interesting avenues all due to my pursuit for freedom. What I’m about to unleash on you may not be conclusive for everyone but this is based on my experience. This is what freedom means to me.
Freedom is not having obligations or constraints. Freedom is not having a job that you rely on. Freedom is not having a girlfriend who is expecting your call or having a date with friends where your absence must be explained with a detailed excuse. Freedom is not having to give an extended notice to end a contract or job. Freedom is not owning so much stuff that you need a storage unit. Freedom is not having a fat wallet full of so many cards that your life turns upside down when you lose it.
I’m reminded of my freedom when I’m on a bus or train to another town, city or province. All my important belongings are in my backpack which is always tagging along for the adventure in the seat next to me. Nobody has a clue where I am, nor do they care. I’m traveling alone to a place that I’ve never seen before as a complete stranger. I have zero burdens to see anything or visit anyone. I don’t have any worries or concerns; no bills and no duties. I’m leaning back on an old chair, but I might as well be floating above the street without a rope wrapped around my neck pulling me back to where I started. I could die on a train in between cities or provinces that I’ve never touched ground on, and it would take a couple days for anyone who knows me to find out…

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