Ian Joseph’s White Book(伊恩 约瑟夫)的白皮书

Ian Joseph’s White Book begins 3 years earlier where I decided that I would walk away from a meaningful relationship with my first love in exchange for a journey to Asia. I was certain that this journey would lead to greater fulfillment in my life.

The bulk of my book consists of flashbacks to my past, where I struggle to seek deeper meaning in life. In a spiral of heavy emotions, I make a firm decision to devote myself to becoming the greatest man that I can be.

Ian Joseph’s White Book is the beginning of a journey into manhood. It’s that awkward stage where we start to question the ideas and beliefs that have been programmed into us. It’s where we have internal conflicts about what it means to be good at being a man. It’s where immaturity meets maturity. It’s where your testosterone reaches its lifetime peak. It’s where you enjoy fighting and challenging others for the sake of it. It’s where you embrace conflict, and voluntarily put yourself into high risk situations.

This book is not a memoir. It is my personal mind map from one stage of my life into another. It represents my journey of evolution one step at a time.

Whether you are a young guy who is looking to stand out in a highly competitive dating market where smartphones give women endless dating options, or you’re a mature man seeking some meaning and depth in your relationships. This book will lead you in the right direction.

Whether you have soft internalized beliefs or strong internalized beliefs. This book will toughen you up if you’re a soft guy, and humble you if you’re a tough guy.

Whether you are a small guy trying to fight your way up the corporate ladder, or you’re a boss man who’s trying to increase his wealth and power. There are answers for both of you in this book.

If you’ve read this whole introduction, then I can promise you that the answers you are looking for are here. Ian Joseph’s White Book will provide you with the foundation needed for success in whatever your current goals may be. Apply the concepts and embrace the ideas throughout this book, and success will be inevitable.






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