Women are a reflection of their current or prior boyfriend.

If you’re a man with low standards, then your woman will reflect your criteria in the way that she presents herself to the world. Whenever I meet a single woman, I can tell what type of men she is accustomed to dating based on the way that she looks. If she is overweight, has large visible tattoos, crusty nails and short her then I know that she is accustomed to dating men with low standards. If she is thin, has porcelain skin, long beautiful hair and pampered nails, then I understand that she is accustomed to dating high-quality men. Your woman will mirror you in the sense that she will adjust to your standards whether they are high or low. I am content with making the world a better place. Therefore any woman who has had a relationship with me will be more beautiful and feminine than she was before our relationship. You’re welcome.

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