Why I choose to live my life like a cat

Whenever someone asks me what animal I would be if I could be any animal, my answer is a house cat. I couldn’t disagree more when people say that a cat is a feminine animal. Cats are badass, and they live their life in the only way that I know how to.

1. Cats do what they want whenever they want. They do things the way they like to do it, and they don’t care what anyone thinks.
2. Cats are unapologetic creatures. You can see the sadness in your dogs face when you’re upset that it took a poo on the carpet. But cats maintain a rock solid frame. If you’re upset about the cat taking a poo on your pillow, then you should clean its poo box more often. End of story.
3. Cats always keep the law of abundance in mind (I mentioned this in my white book). They understand that if they can’t get what they want from you, then they can go and get it from someone else.
4. Cats have high expectations. They will not settle until their needs and demands are met. They expect compliance.
5. Cats never give more affection than what they receive.
6. Cats are only loyal to themselves.

Although I love dogs for their companionship, they just don’t live life the right way. They give you what you want whenever you demand something of it, and they are far too eager to please you. They are so loyal that they’ll follow you even after they’ve been mistreated. They do what they’re told even when it could lead to bad consequences for themselves. That’s just not a good way to live life.

Choose to live your life like a cat.

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