Ten cornerstones of life (An excerpt from Ian Joseph’s White Book) 人生的10条锦囊 (伊恩·约瑟夫的白皮书节选)

#1: Comfort is damaging to growth and self-improvement. Do you qualify for retirement? Are you a worldly academic? If not, then your priorities should be focused on self-improvement and personal growth. If you’re comfortable doing the same shit on a day to day basis, there’s a high likelihood that you’re not pressing towards your maximum capabilities. One of my favorite quotes: “There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.” – Unknown Peace of mind and stability are the only reasons you are sold on a world of comfort. Comfort destroys your motivation to take risks and encourages you to walk down a sad road towards stagnation. If you’re not ready to die, don’t be a pussy- choose growth! #2: Embrace the things that go wrong, it will serve as a future aid. What stirs up reflection and examination of self? When everything in life goes right certainly isn’t the answer. You have no idea what you are capable of achieving until you voluntarily put yourself in danger, where you either sink or swim. Under these circumstances, you will find solutions. You will do things that you’ve never done before. It’s a great feeling, and most importantly, this is the only time that you will grow. #3: Take a stand for yourself. The attitude that you should develop is like this- anyone who thinks they can push me around can watch my dick swing between my legs as my hairy ass exits the building.  Remember: No one in this world is as important as you are. Be aggressive and end relationships with people who put you down and make you feel like you’re worthless. #4: Move on. You’ve waited too long if your friendships, job, and hobbies have started to become stale. You can identify “staleness” if the energy that you exert is less than what you gain in return. #5: Respect your health. Health is the foundation of my fulfillment pyramid. EAT AND EXERCISE ON A REGULAR BASIS! It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Do not treat your body like a science experiment. Nobody including yourself has a desire to see what will happen to your body after a decade of neglect and abuse. #6: You should always have a project. It is admirable to have a purpose in life, but I believe that it`s more important to accomplish a series of small endeavors year by year consistently. It doesn’t matter what your goals are. They could include learning a second language, eliminating credit card debt and traveling the world. The bottom line is that you aren’t aimlessly floating through life. Never wait for shit to happen to you. Take control of your life, choose something you enjoy and drive forcefully towards it. It doesn’t fucking matter if the journey doesn’t lead you somewhere special. #7: Money serves as nothing but a tool to assist in achieving more. Only women associate mass amounts of money with great achievements. That’s why a lot of you guys chase after money without any self-respect for yourself. As men, we all eventually identify with the fact that there may be some comfort associated with a bed made of money. But deep down we know that money won`t lead to ultimate happiness. Use your money as a tool to provide you with lifelong experiences that incorporate significance and pleasure. Money is better spent on things that give fulfillment as opposed to material possessions. #8: Read. Always keep a NON-FICTION book in your backpack. When you`re on the bus or train or when you have free time, crack it open and absorb new ideas, knowledge, and information. I view bookstores and libraries as a collection of brains from all of the most significant people in history. These people have taken precious time to share their knowledge and ideas with you. I promise you that by taking in new ideas and learning from books, your life will begin to change and improve. #9: Expect the unknown. Don`t be a loser who limits his behavior and thinking habits by entering situations with expectations. Man has no idealized outcome. Man is always open to the unknown and new experiences. Do not voluntarily enslave yourself by blinding yourself to different outcomes. #10: Being picky when it comes to your friend circle is a virtue. Family is given to you. On the flip side, friends are chosen. Friendship is supposed to provide happiness in our lives, so choose them carefully. Friendship is a vital part of the foundation of life and should serve as a means to assist in getting you through your day to day.

#1:舒适有害成长健康 你的资历足够退休吗?你的学识足够渊博吗?如果没有,那就应该把重心放在自我提高和个人成长上。如果你每天都在做着重复的轻松的事情,那么很可能你并没有使出自己最大的能耐。 我最喜欢的一句话之一是:“There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.(生于忧患 死于安乐)” 心灵的平静和舒适会让你沦陷到温柔乡里无法自拔,扼杀掉冒险的勇气和动机。如果你不打算默默无闻地死去,那就别做个孬种——强迫自己成长吧! #2:不破不立 什么东西激发了人们对自我的反思和审视呢,当然不是那些正确的、理所应当的事情。只有在你愿意把自己置于危险之中的时候,才会看到自己的真正实力。要么乘风破浪,要么沉入海底! 在这种情况下,你会找到解决办法的。你可能会做出一些从前根本不敢想象的事,这是一种很棒的感觉,最重要的是只有在这种时候你才真正成长起来了。 #3:你最珍贵 任何人都应该保持的一种态度就是“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger(杀不死我的使我更强大). ”要有自信,没有人能轻易打倒你,记住,没有人!无论别人什么鸟样,你永远都是这世界上最无与伦比的那一个。 如果遇上那种只会贬低伤害你的烂人,一定要主动疏远,切断和他们的纠缠,否则你会后悔的。 #4:更上一层楼 如果你的友谊、工作和爱好等身边的一切都变得很陈旧、毫无生气,或者你所付出的努力与得到的回报不成正比,那就是时候应该挑战一些难度更大、更高层次的东西了。试着把游戏难度从新手模式调成老兵模式吧! #5:身体重要 身体健康是人生金字塔的重要基础,没有什么比这更重要的了。保持科学饮食和适量的运动,这并不难。 千万要珍惜自己的身体,不要以为它有多么结实耐用,没人会喜欢看到在长期透支身体后所发生的事情。 #6:先定个小目标 能在生活中有清晰明确的目标是非常令人钦佩的,而更厉害的是能够每年都坚持不懈地陆续完成一系列小目标。什么样的目标都可以,不论大小,像是多学习一门语言,还清信用卡债务,周游世界等等。最重要的是这些目标能让你日有所思夜有所盼,不至于在生活中感到迷茫。 永远不要坐以待毙,命运在自己手中。选择你喜欢的方向,然后去努力的追梦。就算最后没能成功也没关系,至少努力过了就是好的,世上没有完美的东西。 #7:合理看待金钱 很多拜金的女性认为只要有很多钱就是成功人士,从而总是在追逐金钱而忽视了自我尊重,这样是不对的。 好在还有很多人清楚地认识到:家财万贯的确会带来很大的成就感和心理的慰藉,但在内心深处我们都知道,幸福很多时候无关金钱。 让你手中的钱更有价值的方法就是把它看做一种工具,一种能为你提供有意义的快乐的工具,最好把它花在能确确实实带来满足感的东西上,而不是只用来造一座金碧辉煌的房子。 #8:读书,读书! 背包里要永远留有一本书的一席之地,最好是非小说类的。当你在公交车或者火车上,或者只要是有空闲时间的时候,都随时可以拿出它,汲取新的思想和知识。 可以说书店和图书馆简直就是世界历史上所有重要人物大脑的集锦,这些伟大的人花费了宝贵的时间来与你分享他们的知识和想法。相信我,多从书籍中学习并接受新想法,你的生活将会今非昔比。 #9:好奇心害不死猫 不要麻木的成为一个被生活限制住自己的行为和思维习惯的失败者。人类不会停止探索,正是人类的好奇心推动了历史的进程和世界发展。若是没有几百万年前我们的祖先第一次仰望星空,我想就不会有现在的一切了。 #10:谨慎交友 家庭是注定的,而朋友则是选中的。好的友情是能在生活中提供给我们幸福的,而不是麻烦,所以请谨慎选择你的挚友和朋友圈 要知道友谊可是生命之光,它能帮助你披荆斩棘,无所畏惧。

Author: Ian Joseph

我今年 27岁, 在加拿大多伦多长大。我的全名是伊恩·约瑟夫·德弗雷塔斯 (我是葡萄牙语/圭亚那人)。我的生日是 1月28日, 我和杰克逊·波洛克同一天生日。 2010年, 我在加拿大彼得堡的弗莱明学院学习成为一名警官。在我第一学期的期间, 学校管理部门要求我停止上课, 直到我做出态度的改变。学校管理部门之所以找我的麻烦, 是因为我在校园和教室里行使了言论自由权。最引人注目的是在政治学辩论中, 我公开反对自由主义、女权主义、结果平等和同性恋权利活动。 直到今天, 我坚信, 西方的学院和大学机构对任何对他们成功兜售和灌输年轻成年人的有毒意识形态构成威胁的想法都非常有意见。 我最终决定从大学退学, 但不是因为你可能会想到的原因。为了拿到一张无用的文凭纸, 我考虑过忽略身边的东西, 但后来我开始注意到一种情形。每次我公开反对教授们试图兜售的出于政治目的的意识形态时, 很少有人会站起来支持我。我会回头看, 没有一个人和我 (白种人) 同一个种族的人支持我。每当我为正确的事情说话时, 所有的高加索学生都厌恶地看着我。但这并不是促使我决定退学的原因;我可以忽略这一点。真正的原因是当我看着少数民族学生表达与我相同的想法, 人们会为他们鼓掌, 事实上, 这些学生受到了教职员工和所有同龄人的钦佩。他们没有被要求做出态度改变, 也没有被要求停止上课。他们受到鼓舞, 我甚至被劝阻不要开口。正是这些时刻开始教会我,我在加拿大所处的位置, 我不受欢迎, 也不被需要。 一年后, 我在 costco 批发仓库工作, 省下了每一分钱, 用来支付一个 tesol 认证, 这样我就可以搬到国外, 做一名英语老师。2014年, 我第一次来到亚洲, 并以笔名 烟雾 开始了 wordpress 帐户, 在这里我将写出我的旅行、经历和想法。最近我改名为伊恩·约瑟夫, 因为我已经到了人生的一个稳定的阶段。我知道我是谁, 我代表什么, 我相信什么。我很荣幸能和你分享这一切。 四年后, 我已经到过了亚洲许多不同的国家和城市, 通过自学完成了 美国 大学的学士学位。我还完成了我的第一本书《伊恩·约瑟夫的白皮书》, 这是我过去几年身心旅程的心灵地图。目前, 我仍然生活在亚洲。你可以在 www.amazon.ca 找到我的书。 我也活跃在微信上。您可以在联系人页面中找到有关联络信息。

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