Let’s go for a run! (An excerpt from Ian Joseph’s White Book) 奔跑吧,兄弟!(伊恩·约瑟夫的白皮书节选)

We’re going to go for a five-mile run. Make sure your shoes are tied properly, take a couple of deep breaths and brace yourself. I’m not going to go easy on you. Ready? Three, two, RUN!!! Our starting pace isn’t fast nor slow, approximately 8.5 minutes/mile. 25 minutes – 26 minutes/ 5 kilometers is a time our doctors will respect. Although a five-mile run is a warm up to a marathon runner, 99% of the North American population find this to be difficult. After all, it is a steady forty to forty-five minutes of moving your legs. Your first mile is a breeze. Your breathing pattern is still stable.Surprisingly there’s no one else running outside. It’s a beautiful day, and these suburbs are dense. They probably have elliptical machines/ treadmills at home or are at the gym. You’re starting to adjust your breathing to your steps. As you start breathing heavier and heavier, blood flow is being redirected to your muscles in action. At two miles in, you’re tired as fuck. Your preference would be to stop now. Your body says you’re starting to use valuable resources while your first cramp kicks in. The halfway mark is nearing, and the endless looking hill you’re running up is discouraging. Your breathing becomes very rapid, and your thighs/ legs/ everything starts to burn. If a genie in a bottle appeared now and granted you one wish, your very wish would be to stop, but you can’t. You’ll black out before you quit. As your lungs start giving out, you realize that it’s necessary to pull back. Your pace is dropped to 11 minutes/ mile. Your legs are still moving, that’s all that matters. “Look there’s a major intersection over there. After I reach that, I can think about taking a break” you tell yourself… Hell no! You’re going to keep moving those legs until they fall off. Let’s see if they fall off by the time that bus stop ahead is reached. Your body is drained. It’s prompting pain all over as a final attempt to get you to stop. But you refuse to stop; you start mastering the ability to deceive your body with your mind. If only your body discovers that you’ll finish, it’ll handicap you with even more cramps and discomfort. The essence of being at one with yourself; encapsulated by plain suburban air as cars swerve by. The sidewalks are covered by blades of cut grass and sticks from yesterday’s storm. The landscape is desolate, and your view is that of people in moving pods. They’re all in a rush to go nowhere important. Look at the bright side; this is better than running next to someone who stinks of sweat at the gym. Woo! Those two minutes of 11 minutes/ mile made a huge difference. You start to feel like you can manage this all day. Here we go, back to 8.5 minutes/mile. You’re gaining momentum and nearing the four-mile mark. There are no words of encouragement, and no one is holding your hand. You are your own support and encouragement. DISREGARD! It’s way too hard; it hurts too much. You drop back down to a pace of 11 minutes/ mile. Your arms get weak and start to dangle by your sides to conserve energy. Your eyes begin to widen as you spot the end. At the end is a big red stop sign that you started to imagine at over half an hour ago. Your mind signals to the rest of your body that the end is near and your legs move faster than you’ve ever seen them run in your whole life! Your body, that fucker could have moved like this earlier since the major intersection. Who knew that your body could lie to you too? Welcome to the big red stop sign. A few big stomps transpire to slow you down. You feel your heartbeat pounding in your head, neck, and chest. Take a deep breath and walk it off. Congrats! You did it all by yourself, and no one held your hand. No one will ever hold your hand, not even you.

一起跑上个五公里吧,系紧鞋带、调整呼吸并做好简单的热身运动。放轻松,这只是一场简单的跑步。准备好了么?3,2,1,开始!!! 起跑速度不用快也不用慢,大约8.5分钟/公里就好。25-26分钟跑下来5公里是比较科学的时间。 五公里对于职业的马拉松选手来说可能只是个简单的热身,但对99%的北美人来说却是非常困难的,可能要花40-45分钟去艰难的移动双腿。 头一公里你应该还很轻松,呼吸也暂时保持稳定。能在一处风和日丽的郊区跑步是再好不过的了,不过也有很多人选择在家里或健身房使用跑步机跑步。 渐渐地你需要调整呼吸了。呼吸越来越沉重而短促的同时,身体中的血液也在不停地一遍遍注入到肌肉中。等跑到了两公里就开始累了,身体开始被动的奔跑着,时刻想要停下。你的身体把所有的能量都调用到双腿上,直到第一次抽筋。 到了接近半程的阶段应该是最沮丧的。你已经快要上气不接下气了,而且全身好像都在燃烧,两条腿就像灌了铅一样。 如果此时阿拉丁神灯显灵了,你应该会毫不犹豫的选择停下来并且马上就能躺在浴缸里睡一觉,但你不能,你并不想前功尽弃。 然后你觉得肺都快炸了,意识到有必要战略放弃了。首先是把速度下降到11分钟/公里。欣慰的是你的双腿并没有停下,这是最重要的。“前面有个十字路口,等我坚持到那可以考虑休息一下。”你在心里告诉自己… 想得美!只要双腿还在,你就必须坚持战斗下去! 你的身体发出了报警信号让你感觉像要脱水了,但你仍在坚持着,凭借自己顽强的意志来驱动身体并欺骗它,而同时它也在用各种不适和抽筋来表示反抗。 这是个和自我相处的好时机。奔跑在郊区清新的空气中,人行道上散落着昨晚被风刮下来的树叶,风景看似有些落寞。而马路上则车流涌动,所有人都在急匆匆地赶往一些看起来没那么重要的地方。想想好的一面,这比在充满汗臭的健身房里跑步要好太多了。 这两分钟的降速和思考让你觉得好些了,身体也渐渐适应,让你觉得可以这样跑一整天。很好,休息完毕,重新加速到8.5分钟/公里。接近4公里了,这让你重新燃起斗志。没有鼓励的话,也没人拉着你的手,只有你能鼓励你自己。 忽视掉这些痛苦吧,跑步追求的就是这种刺激感。很快速度又下降到了11分钟/公里。你的手臂已经没有力气摆动,只能在身体两侧乱晃,双眼也在锁定着半小时前就苦苦渴望的终点线。 在得知终点就在前方的时候,肾上腺素使你的身体亢奋起来,双腿好像从来没跑过这么快!其实你的身体本可以在上次那个十字路口就这样做了,没想到它也会欺骗你吧? 欢迎来到终点。你需要放慢脚步来缓冲身体,并且感觉冲刺后心脏好像要冲出胸膛,血液在强劲地涌上大脑,你还需要做几个深呼吸并保持走动。 恭喜恭喜,你做到了!你不需要任何人的帮助,仅仅凭借自己顽强的意志就能赢得这场胜利。

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