I hate to hate you:2 of 3 (An excerpt from Ian Joseph’s White Book) 我讨厌去恨你2/3 (伊恩·约瑟夫的白皮书节选)

I lay there shirtless and drunk. The only source of light in my room was coming from the full moon outside of my window. It illuminated my shadow. While I stared at the letter sitting on my night table, I could sense an uneasiness in my demeanor. As I started to close my eyes, Navita came stomping up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. Navita: “Yooo E! You want another round of drinks?” Me: “What do you think?” Navita: “Haha, I should know better than to ask you by now.” Me: “Yeah. You got smokes?” Navita: “Yeah.” Me: “Cool. I’ll be downstairs in a minute. Meet you in the sunroom.” I stumbled down the hall into the bathroom and rinsed my face with some cold water. As I stood there slapping myself into a sober state of mind, I began to stare at my reflection in the mirror. I could feel a stronger sense of reassurance in my decision not to open the letter. I grabbed the drink off of the kitchen counter and started to make my way towards the sunroom. WHAM! (Navita falls in front of the sunroom entrance as the door slams behind her) Navita: As she giggles and looks up at me “E, I’m so fucking horny. You took so long! We’re going to your bedroom now!” (She grabs my arm and pulls me back up the stairs)
我光着膀子醉醺醺的坐在屋子里,在月光中隐约又看到了那封信,这让我感到强烈的不安。正当我要闭上眼睛睡觉的时候,Navita爬上了楼梯来到了我的卧室。 Navita:“嘿!想再喝点吗?” 我:“你说呢?” Navita:“哈哈,我就知道。” 我:“你有烟么?” Navita:“当然。” 我:“好,马上下楼。” 我晃晃悠悠地走到卫生间用冷水洗了把脸。回到卧室后,感觉清醒了一些,开始凝视镜子里自己这副鸟样。在我决定不去打开信后立刻涌上了一种强烈的安全感,于是准备从厨房的柜台上拿出酒水,向客厅走去。 突然砰地一声,Navita关上了门,出现在客厅的门口 她咯咯地笑着,看着我,“Ian,我太他妈饥渴了。你可真磨蹭!现在就去你的卧室!”(她抓住我的胳膊,把我拉回楼梯上)

I hate to hate you:3 of 3 (An excerpt from Ian Joseph’s White Book) 我讨厌去恨你3/3 (伊恩·约瑟夫的白皮书节选)



Author: Ian Joseph

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