I don’t know.

Some people say that there was a time where the world was as well developed as it is now. And then something happened… All of the world was buried under soil and swallowed by the sea. A long time later everything was recreated, just like the beginning of the Bible. Once again God separated the land from the sea, created Adam and Eve, and put fruits and plants on the earth. He proceeded to wait and observe what the people will do again patiently; I will call this a simulation of some sort. Anyways it looks like people make the same decisions and mistakes over and over again. So when things get out of control on the earth, I assume that God decides to end the simulation. God must also have a purpose for Satan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in the simulation.

Imagine this… You’re in a simulation that you’ve been in before. However, you’re not consciously aware of it. The main objective of this simulation is to find God and submit to him before you die. However, the problem is that you’re not aware of the main goal, you have to somehow figure it on your own.

Or imagine it this way… You’re in a virtual reality video game, and all you have to do to complete the game is to find God. After you find him and submit to him, then it’s game over. But it’s not so simple because the main objective of the game is not clear. You have to figure out the main aim by yourself.

So, for this reason, you’re just wandering around for most of the game. You go to work, have sex, go to the gym, take a shower, brush your teeth, use the toilet, eat, drink, sleep, buy some new sneakers, and read a few books. This is what you do for most of the game. God tries to send you some signals from time to time, and you usually ignore it. You continue with your life and try to find some deeper meaning in trivial things. This eventually leads you to become curious about the idea of God. Your curiosity creates a low signal connection to the man above, and then you move on to the next level of the game. As your signal connection to God gets stronger, the closer you get to completing the game.

Maybe this makes some sense to you, or perhaps it makes no sense to you at all. I don’t know.






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