Be transparent about these 3 things if you intend to date a single mom.

There is nothing wrong with dating a single mom if you have some type of connection with her, and you enjoy her company. That’s cool. However, I’ve learned that there are 3 things which you need to be very clear about from the beginning of a relationship with a single mom.

1. You will not get close to her children.

Understand: This is not your kid, and it never will be yours. I don’t care if her kid looks up to you as a role model, mimics you, and gives you a big superhero welcome when you walk in the door. The bottom line is that her kid doesn’t belong to you. It’s best that you avoid her children at all costs, so you don’t risk getting emotionally attached to them. Schedule some time with her at night when her kid is fast asleep, or during the day when the kid is at school.

2. You will never babysit her children.

Watching your girlfriends kid for five minutes may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is a big deal. This is a compliance test. She is testing her boundaries with you and trying to figure out how much wiggle room she has in the relationship. If you can watch her kid for five minutes, then you can watch her kid for a whole night while she goes out on the town with her colleagues. If a single mom attempts to use this compliance test on you then I suggest that you pull out your phone, scroll through your messages and inform her that you have to leave for an important business meeting or something. Give her a kiss, tell her that you’ll call her later and go on your way.

3. You will leave her if she withholds sex from you.

This is a power move that all women use to test men in an attempt to gain control of the relationship. It’s not exclusive to single moms, however, you should never tolerate a single mom putting your dick on detention. The first time that she attempts to use this power move on you, I suggest that you gently take her by the hand and walk her to the front door. No need for hard feelings, just tell her that it has been fun spending time with her and perhaps you guys will cross paths again in the future.

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