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Freedom and my backpack


The past couple years of my life have taken me down some interesting avenues all due to my pursuit for freedom. What I’m about to unleash on you may not be conclusive for everyone but this is based on my experience. This is what freedom means to me.
Freedom is not having obligations or constraints. Freedom is not having a job that you rely on. Freedom is not having a girlfriend who is expecting your call or having a date with friends where your absence must be explained with a detailed excuse. Freedom is not having to give an extended notice to end a contract or job. Freedom is not owning so much stuff that you need a storage unit. Freedom is not having a fat wallet full of so many cards that your life turns upside down when you lose it.
I’m reminded of my freedom when I’m on a bus or train to another town, city or province. All my important belongings are in my backpack which is always tagging along for the adventure in the seat next to me. Nobody has a clue where I am, nor do they care. I’m traveling alone to a place that I’ve never seen before as a complete stranger. I have zero burdens to see anything or visit anyone. I don’t have any worries or concerns; no bills and no duties. I’m leaning back on an old chair, but I might as well be floating above the street without a rope wrapped around my neck pulling me back to where I started. I could die on a train in between cities or provinces that I’ve never touched ground on, and it would take a couple days for anyone who knows me to find out…

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